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Month: April 2016

Ideas from teachers on how to get students to read a variety of genres from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

How To Encourage Students To Read a Variety Of Genres

It is very important for students to experience a variety of text during the school year. When students are exposed to a variety of genres they have different reading experiences and find reading more enjoyable. Each month I assign a different genre for my students. They select a book for their

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Teacher Life Hack White Board To Do Lists

I always have so many to do lists on the go. The only thing I really keep with me 24/7 is my cell phone. This tip from Christina at Hanging Around in Primary made my day. Write a list on your whiteboard at the end of the day of all of

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Absent Buddy System Teacher Life Hack

I love this tip from Doc Running at the Everything Education Blog.  Managing absences is really time consuming, so I started absence buddies. Assign absence buddies to be responsible for information for absent students. Each student is responsible for collecting materials and reviewing information from the missed days for their

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Gradebook Codes Teacher Life Hack

Gradebook Codes Using gradebook codes helps teachers streamline their marking pile. I am so happy that Stephanie from Stephanie’s History Store submitted this tip. For anyone who uses a paper grade book, using codes to keep it organized will be a time saver.  To prevent your gradebook from getting the

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