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At 2 Peas and a Dog, we LOVE connecting with our readers. We have enjoyed connecting with everyone on our social media channels, but with all of the changes occurring to social media, we wanted a guaranteed method of contacting our fellow teachers to share great teaching content and product updates.

We have an email newsletter which will get delivered straight to your email inbox.

In each newsletter, you will get teaching tips, product updates and a freebie.

When you sign up for our email newsletter you will receive our Rant Writing Unit for free. You will only receive this email if you sign up for the email newsletter. This is not the same as following our blog via email subscription. This is a subscriber-only bonus. If you prefer not to sign up for our email newsletter you can purchase this unit here.

Rant writing is a great way to engage students. Get your FREE unit here.

Students rant to each other daily, why not channel that creative energy into some high-quality writing?

This unit contains:
– daily lesson plans
– writing process graphic organizers
– rant examples (internet access required)
– rant assignment sheet
– rant editing sheet
– rant assessment criteria

This highly engaging unit will make your students want to write. 

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