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Teacher Life Hack Using Overhead Transparencies

Don’t throw out those old overhead transparencies. Read this Teacher Life Hack about how to repurpose overhead transparencies.

Margo from Margo’s Math and More shared this great tip for using those left over overhead transparency sheets at your school. Turn unused overhead transparency sheets into overlays for comparing different fractions in picture form. Place the transparency sheets over one another to see how some fractions “fit” perfectly into others (equivalency).

In my classroom (Kristy – 2 Peas and a Dog), I have used overhead sheets to create answer keys when students are making graphs. I can just lay the transparency sheet over their work and see if it aligns with the correct answer.

What other uses can you think of for these sheets?

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1 thought on “Teacher Life Hack Using Overhead Transparencies”

  1. I use transparency sheets in my geometry classes to print out business card/problem sized protractors. This way students can each have this own, see line angle through the protractor and can easily identify the degree without having to “extend” lines further in order to find their answer. ♥️

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