Month: March 2016

Read a detailed explanation of how to use Plickers, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and Google Classroom for student assessment.

Using Technology for Student Assessments

Students really enjoy using online assessment tools because it allows them to use technology, which they naturally gravitate towards. You can see my detailed explanation of Plickers, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and Google Classroom on my Education to the Core guest post.

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Ideas for Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching vocabulary is an important part of any English class. We had a great #2ndaryELA Twitter chat last night about how to meaningfully teach vocabulary to our students. Most teachers agreed that teaching vocabulary in context of the novel or unit your class is currently studying is the most effective

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Teacher Life Hacks

I have been wanting to share this teacher life hack for a while now. As a rotary middle school teacher, I needed to develop a system to keep my marking piles organized and contained. I discovered that they fit nicely into the large zipper-lock bags that you can buy at

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