Teacher Life Hack Art Cleanup Tip

Art teachers use plastic wrap in your classroom to make the cleanup process faster.

Does anyone else dread art class clean up? I know it makes me a bit cranky! Thanks to Christina @ Hanging Around In Primary for this genius tip. She uses plastic wrap on her paint trays for easy cleanup.

Fast Finisher Art Activity

This is my favourite faster finisher assignment because it still enables students to be productive and creative. Since students work on their art projects at different paces, it is important that students have something meaningful to work on when they are done with their art projects. I assign this sketchbook assignment as a yearlong assignment. I divide the school year up into thirds and set 3 different due dates. A sketchbook is a great tool for students to develop their artistic abilities. It is also really good to leave for a supply teacher if you are going to be away. Once students understand and practice this assignment they can work independently.



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