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Month: January 2016

Teacher Life Hack Art Cleanup Tip

Does anyone else dread art class cleanup? I know it makes me a bit cranky! Thanks to Christina @ Hanging Around In Primary for this genius tip. She uses plastic wrap on her paint trays for easy cleanup. Fast Finisher Art Activity This is my favourite faster finisher assignment because it still

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Independent Reading Tips and Tricks

Encouraging independent reading in middle and high school is very important. Helping students gain and retain a love of reading can be challenging at times. This week on the #2ndaryELA Twitter Chat middle and high school teachers shared their ideas on independent reading. Chat has been curated to reflect the

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Use technology to connect with other teachers. Twitter is a great social media to keep up to date on current trends in education. An informative blog post about how to use a Twitter chat for professional growth and development from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

How To Use Twitter Chats

Twitter has become an excellent way for educators across the globe to connect with one another. I love participating in Twitter chats to get new ideas from teachers I would not normally get the chance to work with. I created this quick five minute video tutorial for anyone who wants

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Teacher Life Hack Managing Reusable Bags

I hate paying for plastic grocery bags. So I keep all of my reusable bags on a giant climbing carabineer in the trunk of my car. When I stop at a store, I grab my bunch of bags and hook them onto the cart. Now I don’t have to waste

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Teacher Life Hack Photocopying Tips

  This fantastic idea is from Arisbeth from Sailing into Second. She uses clothes pins with labels on top to help organize photocopying tasks for her parent volunteers. She outlines this idea in more detail in this blog post. I love this idea to help me organize my own photocopying

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Teacher Life Hack New Student Bags

I take everything a new student might need and put it in a Ziploc baggie. I put these baggies in my filing cabinet. When I get a new student, I pull one out and it has everything they need. I’m not running around during my conference time trying to get

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