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Holiday Gift Ideas for School Staff

Great holiday gift ideas for teachers and other school staff.

Find holiday gift ideas for school staff in this article.

It is important to remember the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes at your school to keep things going.  It’s that time of year again when you want to get something special for those school staff who make going to work each day that much better. These people could be your co-workers, the school secretaries, custodians, your administrators and any support staff that work directly with your class.

It can be expensive to buy everyone a gift, so look through this list and see what ideas suit your budget. My favourite type of budget gift is a personalized drink or snack mug. Find really nice mugs or bowls at a discount store. Then buy some items to fill up this item. Filler suggestions could be candy canes, chocolate, small alcohol bottles, hot chocolate mix, popcorn, popcorn flavour topping, etc. Put these items inside your mug or bowl and wrap them with a bow. Most often people are not looking at the value of the gift but the thought that someone was thinking about them and wanted to gift them something.

Holiday Gift Ideas For School Staff

  • Small plants like succulents
  • A bottle local wine or craft beer
  • Gift cards to really useful places e.g., gas station, book store, car wash, grocery store
  • Chocolate
  • Bookmark
  • Hand cream
  • Mittens
  • Lip balm
  • A bottle of hot sauce
  • A nice notepad and pen
  • Warm socks
  • Word Search book
  • Sudoku book
  • Check out these blog posts The 2022 $5 Gift Guide or The 2023 $5 Gift Guide from the blog Everyday Reading where Janssen provides really good gift suggestions. 

I try to avoid heavily scented items and items containing nuts in case someone has an allergy to these items.

Some Amazon Holiday Gift Ideas 

Personal Care Items




Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas For School Staff

Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


1. Cup of Joy
Think of a theme that suits your recipient. I made these hot chocolate-themed cup of joys for my teaching partners, school secretaries and custodians. I hope they can enjoy them over the holiday break. Other themes: soup, coffee, tea, chocolate, spa goods, illness prevention, candy.


Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

2. Warm Blanket
I saw this on Cara Carroll’s Instagram this week and fell in love! I think this is a really practical gift. Who does not need a warm blanket? Click here to go to her blog and download this adorable gift tag.


Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

3. Wine Themed Gifts
This is a lovely idea from The Literary Maven. She wants to save time this holiday season by keeping these items on hand for the holiday parties, lunches and dinners she might attend. Click here to go to her blog and download the printable tags.


Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

4. House Plant
During the cold snowy months of winter many people enjoy having colourful indoor plants to look at when the days get dark too early. Click here to get this great gift tag from The Creative English Classroom’s Blog.


Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

5. Lip Balm
As soon as I saw this idea from B’s Book Love on Instagram I knew it had to download the card for next year.

6. Candles and Candle Holders
Check out these two really cute candle-themed gift tags. I really enjoy flameless LED candles because I have pets who seem to get into everything in the house. Click here for the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” gift tag from Ms. Fuller’s Teaching Adventures on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I hope this school staff gift idea round-up has helped you plan out your holiday giving. I am the kind of person who looks for gifts and gift ideas all year long. When I see something on sale or priced at a deep discount I buy it to give as a special occasion gift. The next time you are out shopping keep an eye out for holiday gift ideas for school staff.

Additional Holiday Gift Guides

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for yourself, your friends or family?  Check out these gift guides to see if your shopping can be made easier this year.  

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