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Autobiography Assignment Review

Authentic student writing ideas that will keep middle and high school students engaged during English class.
Why Are Autobiographies An Engaging Writing Experience For Students?
1. Students are writing about a topic that they are familiar with.
2. They can use primary sources to gain information (family, friends, video, photos).
3. They can use their own technology to integrate photos into their autobiography.
4. They have an audience ready to read their book: family, friends, teachers, classmates.
5. Many mentor texts can be used to teach this writing form depending on the interests of your students.
6. The students’ autobiographies can be printed out in a variety of formats to be saved as a valuable keepsake for students to look back in their later years.
Do you need ideas on how to get students started on personal narrative writing? Check out my product review of the Autobiography Writing Project from Kovescence of the Mind. In January, my students will be working on selecting a biography of an influential person to read. Sarah’s Autobiography Writing Project will be the perfect complement to their Biography Book Report. Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.
A change to the traditional autobiography assignment is having students write about themselves through the lens of logos they see and use each day. Students will practice paragraph writing in a unique and engaging way by writing about logos that represent: friends and family, entertainment choices, favourite foods and things that remind them about school, enabling their teachers and classmates to get to know them better. Students are engaged in writing because it directly relates to their lives, and they get to discuss items of interest to them. Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.


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