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Parent Communication in the ELA Classroom


Brynn Allison, The Literary Maven & Kristy Avis, 2 Peas and a Dog are hosting #2ndaryELA on Twitter every Tuesday evening from 8 – 9PM EST.  #2ndaryELA is a weekly chat for Grades 6-12 English Language Arts teachers focused on a topic.  Every Sunday at 11am EST, we will post the topic and questions on our blogs.

Click on the image above to read the Twitter chat recap. 

The Rules:
1. Stay on topic & stay positive!
2. Please do not post or promote paid products unless specifically asked.
3. If you arrive late, try to look through other posts before beginning.
4. Feel free to just lurk, like, or retweet.
5. Always use our hashtag #2ndaryELA – even when replying to others.
6. Make sure your twitter feed is set to public. (Also keep in mind that Twitter is completely public – that means students, parents, and administrators can and will read what you tweet.)

The Directions:
1. Log into Twitter on Tuesday from 8-9PM EST
2. Search for tweets with the hashtag #2ndaryELA in the search bar.  Make sure to click “All tweets.”
3. Introductions are for the first 5 minutes.
4. Starting at 8:05 (@literarymaven or @2peasandadog) will post questions every 10 minutes using the format Q1, Q2, etc and the hashtag #2ndaryELA
5.  Respond to questions using the format A1, A2, A3, etc. with #2ndaryELA
6.  Follow any teachers responding and who are also using the #2ndaryELA hashtag
7.  Like and respond to other teachers tweets.

The Format:
8:00 Intros: What and where do you teach? Include a link to your blog if you have one. #2ndaryELA
8:05 Q1: What is your approach to parent communication? (how, when, how often, etc.) #2ndaryELA
8:15 Q2: What are your tips/best practices for contact about positive behavior/academics #2ndaryELA
8:25 Q3: What are your tips/best practices for contact about negative behavior/academics? #2ndaryELA
8:35 Q4: How do you use technology to help you communicate with parents & keep track of contacts? #2ndaryELA
8:45 Q5: Do you involve students in the parent contact process? How so? #2ndaryELA

See you there!

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