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Fantastic Ideas to End the Year School

Amazing end of the year tips and activities from experienced teachers. Reduce your stress and stay focused from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Hello Readers,

I am linking up with some great blogs to help you sail more smoothly into summer.

Below are some of my favourite year end tips.

Final Exam Tip

Give students time in class to review for the exam. I turn exam prep questions into race, challenges and stations where students get to review with different people each time.

Classroom Tip to Remember

Students enjoy when you use their names or your pets names as examples on quizzes and tests. My students always liked to see what my cat or dog was buying or building on our math tests.


Classroom Thing to Change for Next Year

Next year I will have and assign classroom jobs. It will give students more ownership of their classroom if they know exactly who is accountable for what task.

Year End Gift Idea

People love tumblers with built in straws to hold their water or summer drinks. You could also put a roll of lifesavers or other cute candy in the tumbler to thank people for being a “lifesaver” or a “smarty.”

Classroom Organization Tip

Label everything. I mean everything. When my classroom items migrate to other parts of the building they always return home! It also makes putting things away easy if students know exactly where the papers, textbooks and extra pens are housed.

I still have a month left to go with my eighth graders, but I am excited for the teachers whose summer is starting soon.

Have a great summer!

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6 thoughts on “Fantastic Ideas to End the Year School”

  1. I love your tip to include pet names on worksheets and quizzes! I always talk about my dog Buster, and even high school students would enjoy seeing sentences about him. Thanks!

  2. Add me to the list of labelers. I ordered address labels from vista print that say "Please Return to Mrs. Soeltz in room 114" and stuck them on EVERYTHING. I always get my things back, too, which makes the small investment in labels well worth it.

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