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You Live With A Teacher When (Teacher Humour)

Teacher Humour - 10 Ways to Find Out if You Live With a Teacher. Suspect a loved one might be a teacher? Review our 10 point check list from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.


Teacher humour is needed to get through the hectic school season. Check out the ten ways below to see if you live with a teacher!


You Live With A Teacher When (Teacher Humour)

  • During the school year, they have two moods: completely exhausted or super stressed.
  • During assessment and reporting cycles, you find a lot of reasons to leave the house.
  • They continuously refer to their class as “my kids,” but you don’t remember having thirty kids.
  • Every time they leave the house in the morning, they take more bags with them than on a moving day.
  • When their friends come over, they speak in a secret language using words like Behaviour Plan, IEP, Duty, Supervision, Success Criteria, and Anchor Charts.

  • They complain about being unable to go to the washroom during the day – even though they really had to.
  • They have not eaten lunch in years.
  • Part of your monthly house budget goes to school supplies such as stickers, pens, paper, glue, and art supplies.
  • They can only take vacations three times a year: Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer Holidays.
  • They leave the house looking clean and proper and return covered in dust, chalk, vomit, whiteboard marker, pen ink or paint.

If the person you live with matches most of these descriptions, congratulations, you live with a teacher!

Self-care is very important as a teacher (and teacher humour definitely fits in that category!). Make sure you check out this Teacher Self-Care Challenge and try to work in some self-care to your day. You can find the Teacher Self-Care Challenge on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD.

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12 thoughts on “You Live With A Teacher When (Teacher Humour)”

  1. You nailed it, Kristy! I see myself all over this list. Thank God for SmartBoards and digital pens–that makes me a bit cleaner when I get home these days (though not much). I think we may be the only profession on the planet full of people who steal office supplies from home to take to work!

  2. So true, Kristy! I've taken to calling all my kids my "personal" kids and my "kids." As far as #10 goes, I remember getting a long swipe of green marker across my face one day. I had no idea until late that night. I can't believe not one student told me I had marker on my face!Thanks for the laughs!DarleneELABuffet

  3. Happy to say I've never come home with vomit on me, but the bag thing is true. I have a crate on wheels AND two book bags. It takes me two hours to leave on Fridays – I'm so afraid of leaving something behind.

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