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End of the Year Tips for Teachers

End of the year activity ideas from experienced teachers. Read how you can make your end of the year finish great from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.


It is that time of year again when both teachers and students are wishing the days away until the summer holidays begin. I still have a full month of school left before the summer holidays begin so it is very important that I stick to my regular routine and schedule as much as possible.

I know that there are days that assemblies, guest speakers, and field trips come up, BUT do your best to keep up your established routines, expectations, and schedules.

I double and triple-check my lesson plans at the end of the year to ensure that the things I am planning for my regularly scheduled classes are engaging. Read this blog post which outlines some fantastic engaging and rigorous lessons that you can use when planning out your last month of school.

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17 thoughts on “End of the Year Tips for Teachers”

  1. Thanks for all the ideas on Surviving the Chaos. Instead of doing my work 😉 I read all the tips and found some good ones! Somehow I missed where the entry form is located. I filled in the secret word form, but how do I enter it? I did not find anything on the last blog. Help please!

  2. Thank you for organizing this blog hop! I love this kind, where you hop along gathering clues and great ideas along the way, and at the end, EVERYBODY wins! I love doing this while my baby naps. A great way to spend an hour or so. Thank you!

  3. I have the same question as others. I submitted the google doc and never received the email. I think I messed up my response for the phrase, so I went back through the blogs and resubmitted the google form with a different email address and haven't received anything from that submission yesterday. It was fun and thanks for your help.

  4. I have sent out permissions to everyone who has filled out the form as of June 03, 2014 @ 6:10pm EST. Please check your junk/spam folder in case the Google Drive invitation has gone there. If you still do not get it please let me know.
    Thanks for hopping!

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