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Month: January 2014

Keeping the Classroom Organized

  Lesson organization can be a challenge? Do you feel a constant need to keep your classroom and teaching materials organized and neat? I NEED to be organized in my classroom.  Let’s discuss how I keep my curriculum units organized. I use three different methods: binders, file folders, and Google

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Use Index Cards As An Assessment Tool

  If you are anything like me at the beginning of the year you try to make your classroom as Pinterest-worthy as possible. By Christmas, you are stressed, tired, and cranky from holiday stress that you revert back to your less than Pinterest-worthy ways. I made a commitment to myself

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12 Pintastic Middle School Pinterest Boards

  TWELVE middle school bloggers have gotten together to share with you their favourite Pinterest boards geared towards 6th-8th grade teachers.  We hope you enjoy this variety of ideas. Be sure to check out our other Pinterest boards while you are there. Happy Pinning! 1. Kristy from 2 Peas and

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