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Year: 2013

TV + Tablet = Data Projector

I do not have a data projector in my classroom, but I do have a flat screen TV on a rolling stand. I wondered if I could use my TV more effectively than just for showing instructional videos.    You can hook up a laptop computer or tablet (iPad, Android) to your flat

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Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson

  Here is a great tinfoil sculpture art lesson which can be adapted to any grade level. It can sometimes be a challenge to find affordable art lessons that are both creative and meaningful for middle school students. Last week my student teacher showed me an art project she worked

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Click Before You Pin

Pinterest is a great way to get inspired, share your own ideas and organize ideas by photos. However, you need to be careful about pinning things to your boards without clicking through to see if the pin is spam or not.  Recently I saw this awesome pin about teacher fonts.

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Bell Work Freebies

I feature freebies that fit the Middle School readership of this blog. This week I am featuring products along the theme of bell work.  Bell work is a great classroom management tool because it gets your students focused and on task when they walk into the room. Sometimes I forget to

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Making Silent Reading (DEAR) Meaningful

It is important that when we give students silent reading time it is meaningful and purposeful. We try, in my classroom, to silently read daily for 15-20 minutes depending on our schedule, and what our “must dos” are for the day. Students are reading their monthly self-selected (with teacher guidance) novels,

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How I Organize My Classroom

My focus this week in my classroom was organization, de-cluttering and finishing up units so we start new after March Break.  My progress was captured in the photos below. Many of my anchor charts were looking very tired as they had been created in September. This key one was recreated

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Bump It Up Boards

I have been hard at work creating Bump It Up boards to support the 4 R’s – Retell, Relate, Reflect, Review. I use the 4 R’s reading response method frequently in my classroom, and it is featured in a few of my genre-based book reports.   This strategy helps students

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Are you “cursed” by Math?

To look inside this picture book go to this website and click look inside: I read a lot of blogs via email. I love to see what other teachers are up to. The most common math concept that has been blogged about lately has been Fractions. I love Fractions now

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