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Year: 2013

Classroom libraries can always benefit from renovation. Read this informative blog post on how to renovate, and make over your classroom library on a budget from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Classroom Library Makeover

I have had the same classroom library organization, bin labels and bins since at least my 3rd year of teaching. I was tired of the red and blue colour scheme.  The bins were dirty from years of classroom use, and last year during a lunch time accident chocolate milk got

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Free: Back to School Bingo Ice Breaker Game

Get students moving on the first day of a school with mingle bingo game! Instructions: Have students wander around the class and find classmates who fit the description in the box. Once they find the student who matches the description in the box, the student who matches must sign their

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5 Back to School Survival Tips

Back to School Survival Tips

  There are many back to school survival tips you’ll find when you search the internet. Heading back to school for a new year, whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned one, can be overwhelming, and we’re all bound to forget one thing or another. I’ve compiled this list

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Middle School Collaborative Freebies Pinterest Board

I am finding it hard to find good quality middle school-related freebies. But, I can’t just sit around complaining can I? No way! Several blogger friends and I have created a board just for YOU. This Pinterest board features freebies that are of good quality, and of use to middle school

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Student Engagement Through Choice Writing

When I first started teaching 6 years ago, the keyword was “differentiation”. I attended several workshops on this topic and my favourite strategy to get students writing was to create RAFT assignments.   RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format, Topic.  As the teacher, you create one writing assignment with several

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The Best Water Bottle for Teachers

As teachers, we need to stay hydrated during the day to keep our voices good and our energy levels high. I have been struggling to replace my aging plastic water bottle with something that is BPA-free and easy to clean. I have purchased a few different kinds of steel and

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How Technology Has Changed!

  Videos are a great way to encourage class discussion.  Show these two videos  to your students. Great discussions can occur about the changing face of technology over a such a short time span. You could also have your students complete a comparison and contrast chart about their childhood versus someone who grew up

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

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