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You Might Be a Teacher If Teacher Humour

A teacher humour blog post focusing on a list of "success criteria" for teachers to reference if they need to make sure they are a teacher from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

After finishing a week of student-led conferences (parent-teacher interviews), I realized that many teachers might be feeling the same way as me. I put together a little list of “success criteria” for you to reference if you need to make sure you are really a teacher.

Criteria # 1 

You might be a teacher if your PVR/TIVO has more shows on it that you could possibly watch in one or two sittings (this is only page one of many).

Criteria # 2






You might not leave your items in their proper location. Who needs a jewelry box when the kitchen counter is much more convenient?

Criteria # 3








You leave piles of marking around your house: on the breakfast counter, the kitchen table, and the coffee table.
Criteria # 4








You have piles of unopened books and magazines waiting for a long weekend or holiday break to be read.

Criteria # 5









You leave your lunch box, school bag and other bags on the first surface you meet when you get home.

Criteria # 6









You take photos with your phone of things you need to purchase  …  for your classroom.

Criteria # 7 

You have been guilty of using your teacher’s voice outside of the classroom. My husband has been known to say to me “Don’t use your teacher’s voice on me.”

Criteria # 8

You only make time for self-care during school breaks. Let’s break this habit! Are you a busy teacher looking for ways to fit self-care into your routine? This free resource provides choice boards to help you figure out a way to challenge yourself to use more self-care within your busy life.

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8 thoughts on “You Might Be a Teacher If Teacher Humour”

  1. Yep! You should turn this into a linky party! I have nearly identical pictures, and I'm sure I could find even more things to link up (the stack of papers to grade, the home "stash" of supplies to take to school – just in case, the box of goodies for co-workers who do nice things to randomly thank them, the little trinkets to give out to students, and the list goes on…)

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