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Teacher Blogger Tip #1 Appealing Blog Design

Having a cohesive blog design is crucial to the success of your blog.

Teacher bloggers here are a few tips to think about when designing your teacher blog.

Tip #1: Have an Appealing Blog Design

The first thing people see when they click on your blog is your design. If it is messy, hard to read or ill proportioned you can be guaranteed people will not be back to see what you have to say. I just redesigned my blog for the fourth time. Each time I had learned a lot of new things, and was at a different stage in the blog world.

The thing that drives me the most crazy about blogs is when people fill their entire sidebar with widgets! I try to keep my widget use to a minimum because I want my readers to be focused on my message not on the one hundred other options to the side.

How do you get an appealing design?

Option 1 – Use a Template from your Blog Platform 

I used blogger as my blog platform and it has lots of different styles, backgrounds, fonts, colours. I have literally spent hours trying to match everything perfectly. This is a great for the beginning blogger that is still learning how everything works in the bloggy world.

Option 2 – Use a Free Template from a Blog Designer

The two most common blog designer templates I have seen used on blogs are from Leelou Blogs and The Cutest Blog on the Block. Both of these sites offer really amazing blog templates and they look very professional. This is for the intermediate blogger who knows how to copy and paste html, and understands how to use and find items on their blog platform.

Option 3 – Hire a Blog Designer for a Custom Design

This summer I decided to take the step to hiring a blog designer to create a custom blog design just for me. I wanted my blog to stand out, and loved all the blogs out there where everything just matched. I did not take this decision lightly. Make sure you look through lots of teacher blogs and make notes about what you like and dislike about these designs. Once you start to see commonalities – scroll down to the bottom of the blog and look for the design credits. Good luck and enjoy the design process.
Having a cohesive blog design is crucial to the success of your blog.

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25 thoughts on “Teacher Blogger Tip #1 Appealing Blog Design”

  1. Hey Kristy,

    I always have a hard time with clip art and cutesy stuff at the middle school level, so I love your new blog design. The bright colors are super fun and the graphics scream "middle school" not elementary world. Very well done!


  2. It looks great! I'm glad you love it… I think it's so motivating to love how your blog looks (kind of like how kids enjoy decorating a cover page, I suppose!)

  3. Cool blog design! It’s simple and good to read. I’ve been having a hard time reading other blogs, which have confusing design and fonts. I believe visuals are really important because even though a blog share relevant content, if the way it looks is disturbing, readers will won't enjoy reading them.

    Tommy Crowe

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