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TV + Tablet = Data Projector

Don't let your classroom TV become dusty. Use it for more than just videos. Read to find out more from 2 Peas and a Dog.

I do not have a data projector in my classroom, but I do have a flat screen TV on a rolling stand. I wondered if I could use my TV more effectively than just for showing instructional videos. 


You can hook up a laptop computer or tablet (iPad, Android) to your flat screen TV.  Anything you have on your laptop or tablet screen will be projected on to the TV screen for the class to see.


1. Turn on your laptop computer, tablet or iPad.

2. Connect Your Cord – a VGA cord for a laptop, a micro HDMI to regular HDMI cord for an Android tablet or an Apple Composite AV Cable for iPads. 

3. Connect the computer cord to the proper TV inputs usually on the back of the tv or the side. Turn on the TV and press the Input button until the image from your computer or iPad shows on the screen.

What to projector on to the TV:
  • e-books for read alouds
  • collaborative Word documents for shared writing
  • any collaborative document, spreadsheet
  • any read aloud material
  • websites
  • math games
  • anything you would project from a data projector
  • student work – if their is a camera on the tablet you can use it as a document camera

Have you found a great technology work around? What would you project onto the TV? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. It is very easy. Just get the proper cord for your device at any computer store and you are set. This also works for your home TV if you want to stream something from online to your bigger TV. I always try out new technology ideas during my recess time to ensure I look like a pro 🙂

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