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How I Organize My Classroom

Quick middle school classroom organization tips and ideas from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

My focus this week in my classroom was organization, de-cluttering and finishing up units so we start new after March Break. 

My progress was captured in the photos below.

Many of my anchor charts were looking very tired as they had been created in September. This key one was recreated this week with updated input from my students, who have been working hard on their oral presentation skills. 
Thursday and Friday were our assessment days for Pythagorean Theorem. I love finishing a Math unit because the kids feel such a sense of accomplishment of learning new concepts. 


My desk and counter area were a disaster! I was so embarassed when my student teacher (pre-service teacher) arrived. I spent break time and after school this week tidying, cleaning and re-working my organizational system. Supply information is located right next to the day’s teaching materials. I would love to see how others organize their desk and classroom. 

Quick middle school classroom organization tips and ideas from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

I save exemplars of student work to show future students, but I did not think keeping these items filed in my file cabinet was useful. Inspired by a Pinterest anchor chart binder I created a binder with page protectors to house exemplars for students to reference anytime. 

Quick middle school classroom organization tips and ideas from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.


Put student exemplars in page protectors to save their work for future years.



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  1. Hi Kristy,
    If you check out my blog post for this week you will see the PI Day poster you linked up to is from my classroom volunteer. I have been using the posters created by Valerie King Inspired from TPT with my class this year and my volunteer (who happens to be a certified teacher who can't find a job) has been admiring the posters the kids have been using. I told her I really wanted to create a PI Day poster but didn't know how, and that I had asked Valerie to make one, but wasn't sure if she would have the time. Cindy made the poster for me…and so did Valerie. Be sure to check out her poster too…I am going to post a whole PI Day blog post on Monday so come and check it out…as I know you are on break, just like me. Let me know what you think of the new Target store…I want to know if it's worth making a drive from Scarberia:) Have a great week off!

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