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Tips for Organizing Your Pinterest Boards

Some days I wonder what I did before Pinterest? 

Now here are a few of my tips to make your Pinterest experience less chaotic:

  • Create very specific boards for your pins to be “pinned” to. When I first started all teaching/education ideas were on ONE board. I quickly learned that this would cause mass chaos when/if I wanted to use an idea. Now I have boards based by subject. If I taught more than just middle school, I would arrange the boards by grade division and then subject. To see how I organize my boards click here: 2peasandadog Pinterest
  • Try not to re-pin every idea you like. Click on the link to make sure it is not spam, and that it actually has REAL information. I have yet to find any teaching pins that are unrelated or spam, but on my other topics recipes are long gone, and home organization tips have been false leads
  • If you create a pin, ensure you are linking up to the exact source/website. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a pin for more information and the link being back to the general blog or website. I immediately close those pins and do not repin them. 
  • Don’t like the order of your boards? Click on the board and you can drag and drop your boards into a more logical order. 
  • Follow specific boards by pinners you do not have to follow every board. My non-teacher friends do not follow by teaching boards, they just follow the craft and cooking boards I have. To only follow a specific board — click on the board you want — and click follow once you are on that board. Now you will only receive updates from boards you want and not all posts by that pinner. 


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