Are you “cursed” by Math?

Introducing fractions to upper grades and middle school students does not have to be boring. Try this fun idea for starting or ending your fractions unit from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.
To look inside this picture book go to this website and click look inside:

I read a lot of blogs via email. I love to see what other teachers are up to. The most common math concept that has been blogged about lately has been Fractions. I love Fractions now as a teacher, but as a student I am sure I found them confusing!

Meg at Fourth Grade Studio has been posting for a few weeks now all about her Fractions unit she is completing with her students. I have been reading her Fractions posts via email since they started. Her latest Fractions post involving student thinking on a number line got me thinking about how great that lesson would be to use as a pre-assessment of what my students already know about Fractions. 

I also got to thinking about my Fractions Unit introduction. I use the book “The Math Curse” by Jon Scieszka. In the book the narrator starts out on a normal Monday in Math class. Her teacher announces that everything could be seen as a math problem. The next day she wakes up and all day long she sees everything as a math problem. How long to catch the bus? The weight of something? etc. She feels she is cursed with math. 

This is how I am going to use this resource:
-read the story aloud to my 8th graders
-have them work in groups to solve the problems in the book
-at the end of the unit, their culminating task will be to create a math story similar to this to share with their reading buddies in Grade 3 to help them understand fractions. 

How do you make Fractions fun? interactive? make sense? 

Please comment below. I love to read all of your ideas. 

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11 thoughts on “Are you “cursed” by Math?”

  1. I LOVE this book! Jon Scieszka has the most amazingly fun books ever! I was lucky enough to meet him one – he is a hoot! Anywho, I teacher 5th-8th math resource to kiddos who are way below math level. Fractions have been a big push for us this year. We spent about a week working on a fraction number line from 0 to 1… now THAT was an experience! I made a blog post about it… probably easier to read that than for me to explain the whole process here 🙂

    And the fractions continue…

    Love your blog, and your puppers! TOO adorable!

    Mathematically yours,

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