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Month: February 2013

Are you “cursed” by Math?

To look inside this picture book go to this website and click look inside: I read a lot of blogs via email. I love to see what other teachers are up to. The most common math concept that has been blogged about lately has been Fractions. I love Fractions now

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Tips for Organizing Your Pinterest Boards

Some days I wonder what I did before Pinterest?  Now here are a few of my tips to make your Pinterest experience less chaotic: Create very specific boards for your pins to be “pinned” to. When I first started all teaching/education ideas were on ONE board. I quickly learned that

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Share your Passion! Classroom Management Tip

Part of being an effective middle school teacher is knowing your students, but also having them know a few things about you outside of teaching.  In the classroom, I will often share stories of my crazy pets (cat, dog, guinea pig and rabbit) or random things that might happen to

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Report Cards for the Teacher

Twice a year (February and June), students in my class are allowed to give me descriptive feedback on how they feel the year is going in our classroom. I align these times with when I hand out their report cards.  My philosophy is that if I am going to give them an update on how they

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