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The Magic of a Homework Pass for Classroom Management

Middle school classroom management requires a teacher to have many different strategies at their fingertips. Add the homework pass strategy to your classroom management plan to help engage and reward students from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

I surprised all of them this morning with a HAPPY NEW YEAR homework pass. I rarely hand out paper homework passes because I am trying to cut down on my class’ paper consumption. This year students have received only three paper homework passes Welcome Back, Birthday and Happy New Year. 

This year I started to use a class list as my homework pass tracker. Next to the student’s name, in what would normally be the grade box, I write HWP (short for Home Work Pass). I think I have at least 10 or 15 boxes per student on my class list which saves a TON of little homework pass papers flying around. When the student uses a homework pass I diagonally cross off one of their HWP

Students get so excited when they get a homework pass. The majority of my students do not use them. They like to collect them throughout the year to see how many they can collect and not use. I taught some of my current students last year in my 7/8 split. They asked me on the first day of school if their homework passes carry over. 

To read more details on my homework pass program or other classroom management ideas read my guest blog from last week at The Resourceful Room.

Do you use homework passes in your classroom? What is your procedure? Please share your ideas in the comments section below. 

Try reward passes in your classroom. Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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1 thought on “The Magic of a Homework Pass for Classroom Management”

  1. K-Hope you are feeling better soon! I love the idea for the passes! I don't do this because I expect homework to be done and I give students plenty of time to get it finished and handed in on time. I do use something similar to you though..I stopped having a prize box this year and I have a set of cards…I got the idea from PINTEREST..and I laminated them. Things like, Special Supply Box, Specialty Seating, Wear a Hat in Class, Wear your IPOD in class. The kids LOVE it. I keep track of them in a method similar to yours…but I do hand out the pass…the kids love picking one out and then they have to submit it when they want to redeem it. I guess I don't worry too much because I laminated them, so they will get used again and again. This has motivated my students much more than the regular "pull something out of the prize box" and it has cost me next to nothing!
    Get better soon!

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