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Making Exam Review Fun

Make exam review fun for your students, but full of academic rigor with these 8 great tips from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.
This week we are working on Math exam review in class. Every year I give students a “Math Exam” at the midpoint in the year aligned with when our local high schools are starting their official exams. 

These are not official provincial or state exams, they are just a study tool to help lesson exam anxiety among my students. These students in a few short months will be in Grade 9, and writing official exams that will count towards a percentage of their final mark. 

How do I help them review five months worth of content?
  • each day of the five day week is assign exclusively to review one strand/topic of math that we have covered since the beginning of the year
  • students get to “teach” the review lessons – a different small group of students each day gets to come up to the white board, and demonstrate to their classmates how they solved one math question pertaining to the topic of the day
  • create fun and relevant review questions and unit problems 
  • use whiteboards and dry erase markers 
  • working in partners, triads and groups 
  • incorporate games, challenges and rewards
  • ensure students get up and move around the room -think stations or different tasks at different areas of the room
  • make sure the review is interactive websites like Kahoot enable students to use their personal technology and answer questions in competition with the class

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