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Got Paper? Get Goos(e) Paper

Save paper and money in your classroom by having students use G.O.O.S paper when completing non-assessment tasks from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

If your school is anything like mine paper is at a premium, but your students visit the lined paper box daily. 

To solve this dilemma many teachers at my school have a GOOS (Good On One Side) paper box. Students know that anything that requires paper, which is not an official note or good copy must be done on GOOS paper.

I call it goose paper. The sticker on my paper box comes from my regional recycling depot and prominently features a Canadian goose on it.  It is amazing how much GOOS paper one finds when one starts to look for it. 

Where do I get my GOOS paper from?

  • extra photocopies (sometimes I make errors when I try to do fancy things with the photocopier)
  • extra notices from the school (I always seem to get more flyers than students)

I could never give up GOOS(E) paper because I like saying the name too much. 

Can you make the switch? Use only GOOS paper in the classroom unless it is a formal assessment. 

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0 thoughts on “Got Paper? Get Goos(e) Paper”

  1. I love the acronym! The Hawaiian state bird is the Nene Goose, so I could definitely adapt this for my students! I use goos paper all the time! It's pretty much the only thing I put through my printer at school. It doesn't matter what the master copy looks like, because I then copy enough for my students. If I have too many copies, the extras go in the goos pile! I'm seriously going to start calling it this! 😉

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