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Year: 2013

Team Building Activities for the Middle School Classroom

Fun Team Building Activities Guest Post

Hello, 2 Peas and a Dog Readers! It’s Matt from Team Building Activities for Kids Central. Kristy was kind enough to let me guest post on her blog with this post about team building activities, and I’m super excited to share our work with you! I’ve been thinking lately about

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You Might Be a Teacher If Teacher Humour

After finishing a week of student-led conferences (parent-teacher interviews), I realized that many teachers might be feeling the same way as me. I put together a little list of “success criteria” for you to reference if you need to make sure you are really a teacher. Criteria # 1 – You

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Managing the Paper Monster in Notebooks

For years I have been struggling to combine photocopied sheets with notebooks with minimal success UNTIL this year when a student showed me their idea and it took off in my classroom.  When I need my students to complete worksheets gluing them into their notebooks does not work because then

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Technology Themed Get To Know You Activity

This year I wanted to do a get to know you activity with my students that fit my technology themed classroom. I searched Pinterest and online blogs and could not find an idea that suited my theme.  Then a week before school it came to me – I’ll have my

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Middle School Classroom Reveal

I have already finished three weeks of school. I have no idea where the time has gone. I am very happy with my schedule, and all the lovely kids I get to see daily. The best thing about teaching middle school kids is their sense of humour. They laugh at

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Tips and photos on how to organize your book clubs, literature circle or guided reading novel sets by 2 Peas and a Dog.

Organizing Literature Circle Sets

I love back to school season because it makes me reorganize everything not only in my classroom, but I also tackle areas of my house that I feel need more TLC. Today I cleaned my closet, threw out junk from the basement and organized my jewelry box.  All of this

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Teacher Blogger Tip #1 Appealing Blog Design

Teacher bloggers here are a few tips to think about when designing your teacher blog. Tip #1: Have an Appealing Blog Design The first thing people see when they click on your blog is your design. If it is messy, hard to read or ill proportioned you can be guaranteed

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