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TIPS4RM – Free Math Units Grades 7-12

Use these free Grade 8 math resources from the TIPS4RM units. These free math units are great.


TIPS4RM – Free Math Units Grade 8

Are you looking for free math units for grade 8? The Government of Ontario developed this great resource called “Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports for Revised Mathematics (TIPS4RM).” Find TIPS4RM with this link. These units were created before the new 2020 Ontario Math Curriculum so you will need to align them to the current curriculum documents.

In daily life, who can remember such a long name? So it evolved to being called the “Tips” binder or units. These free math units are based on the Ontario Math curriculum, but the concepts are universal.


The free math units are not 100% complete, so you must supplement them from your regular textbook/workbook; however, the lessons provide great experimental/hands-on learning opportunities for students.

A complete unit comes with a unit overview, plus each additional lesson is broken down into Minds On (the hook), Action (what students will do), and Consolidate (how they will practice what they have learned). This resource complements the three-part lesson design that is becoming very popular.

If you teach grade 8 these free math units, TIPS4RM, are worth a look.

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  1. I've been using the grade 7 unit for a year now. I am excited to announce that as of TODAY, they have included the full compliment of lessons. At least they have in the Fractions unit that I'm in right now. They previously only had 8 of about 20 lessons, but now they're all there, including a summative task. Awesome!

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