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Free Math Resources

A list of free math resources to support math classrooms from 2 Peas and a Dog. #math #mathlessons #freelessons #freemathlessons

Free Math Resources

Some of my favourite free math resources come from the University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing – CEMC for short. 

Free Math Resource 1
They run many math contests, which for a nominal fee you can enter your students in. One of my favourite math enrichment activities is to have my Grade 7 and 8 students work through previous GAUSS math tests individually, in pairs, or in groups. Students learn from each other when trying to solve these higher-level math problems. Download Previous GAUSS Math Contests The previous years’ tests can be downloaded from their website in PDF format for free!

I print these off and keep them in my Math Challenge Bin. You could also make the tests part of your math stations or centers program. I also upload these PDFs to my class website so students can practice at home if they wish. 



Free Math Resource 2

Another math resource that CEMC creates is The Problem of the Week. Each week they send via email a math problem to your inbox that you can share with your class. The problems are sorted by curriculum strand and grade level. A new addition this year is the removal of grade levels from the problems. Problems are now classified by Level B-E. This makes differentiation so much easier.

Level B is Grade 5/6 and Level C is Grade 7/8. You can differentiate math groupings or individual needs by creating math groups that align with the Problem of the Week levels. Problem of the Week 

Data Management Resource

When teaching data management I want to ensure my students are using data in a meaningful way and not just using the data sets from our textbook. I found The Census at School Project on the recommendation of several colleagues.

This website enables teachers to create a class account and then students measure themselves (height, foot size, arm span, etc) and enter their data into the website. After the data is entered they can compare themselves with students locally or internationally.

If you are at a school in Canada use this site: Census at School Canada

If you are at a school in one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, USA, Ireland, use this site:
Census at School International

Statistics Sources



KenKen Math Enrichment Puzzles

KenKen is a math game invented by Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004. 

To get your classroom involved in Ken Ken puzzles click here: KenKen Puzzles. In my math classroom, I have a Math Challenge Box, where students who finish early or who want to work on a challenge can visit. 

One of the activities in the Math Challenge Box is KenKen puzzles. I keep printouts of the weekly KenKen puzzles that arrive in my email box. KenKen is like Sudoku but involves math skills to arrive at the correct number to fill in the box. 

Paid Math Resources

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  1. I really love the problem of the week resource you shared! I have not seen that one before and having a reliable site that is always being updated is so much more time efficient than just searching the internet–especially if I'm supply teaching and need to pull something together quickly!

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