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Year: 2012

Math Enrichment Freebies – KenKen Puzzles

KenKen is a math game invented by Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004.  To get your classroom involved in Ken Ken puzzles click here: KenKen Puzzles In my math classroom, I have a Math Challenge Box, where students who finish early or who want to work on a challenge can

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Teach drama? Try this fantastic tableau lesson from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Holiday Drama Lesson

Since last week in Drama class, we have been working on an assignment inspired by the book: A Porcupine in a Pine Tree – A Canadian 12 Days of Christmas Assignment: The students got into groups of 4 or 5 and chose a special holiday or special day e.g., Birthday,

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Data Management Lesson – Census At School

When teaching data management I want to ensure my students are using data in a meaningful way and not just using the data sets from our textbook. I found The Census at School Project on the recommendation of several colleagues.  This website enables teachers to create a class account, students measure

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TIPS4RM – Free Math Units Grades 7-12

  TIPS4RM – Free Math Units Grades 7-12 Are you looking for free math units for grades 7-12? A few years ago, the Government of Ontario developed this great resource called “Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports for Revised Mathematics (TIPS4RM).” Find TIPS4RM with this link. In daily life, who can

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Keeping middle school students engaged during reading can be challenging. This blog post provides several suggestions on how to increase engagement during guided reading from the 2 Peas and Dog blog.

Middle School Guided Reading

Middle school guided reading does not have to be a struggle. A challenge teachers face when working with middle school students during guided reading is ensuring the material meets their interests and reading levels. I have been on the lookout for really good middle school guided reading ideas.    Middle

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Making Real Connections – the real deal

Getting students to move beyond literal reading comprehension can sometimes be a challenge. Our next major literacy focus in my classroom is Making Connections. We are moving beyond text-self connections (boy in book has a dog, I have a dog as well) to the other three types of connections text-text,

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