Curriculum and Unit Planning Tips for Teachers

Last night's #2ndaryELA Twitter chat was packed with information about how teachers plan out their units for the year.

Many teachers shared that they were solely responsible for planning their own curriculum, others said that they have been given a set of standards and must find units that teach these standards.

When I am designing a unit I use the backwards design model referenced in the Twitter chat many times. I purposely plan out the final assessment so that I know my unit plan will teach the skills for students to successfully complete the assignment. I look at the curriculum standards/expectations provided to me by the government, and then decide what is the most engaging method I can use to help students learn.  It is also helpful to look at the big ideas you need to teach i.e. the overall standards/expectations to see exactly what students need to learn by the end of that grade level. If you get caught up on the minor standards/expectations, you could spend an entire semester teaching grammar. I'd rather read The Oatmeal.

Read the curated Twitter chat below to get some good ideas on unit planning, and to see that you are not an island when it comes to unit planning and curriculum mapping. Join us on Tuesday nights 8pm EST to share ideas and be apart of this thriving #2ndaryELA community. Can't make Tuesday nights? Join us on Facebook.

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Curriculum mapping and unit planning can be overwhelming and frustrating. Read this blog post for curriculum planning tips for teachers by teachers from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

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