10 Back to School Supplies Every Teacher Needs

A list of ten essential school supplies teachers need to have a great start to their new school year by 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Teachers are busy people. We don't have time to drive from store to store thinking about what supplies we might need. Below is a list of ten essential school supplies teachers need to have a great start to their new school year. Leave a comment below if I left something off the list you cannot live without.

1. Good Pens - you will be grading for hours so make sure you like your pens.

2. Binder clips - I use these clips to sort marking, photocopies, notes, and just about anything else in my classroom. These are essential and I could not live without them.

3. Fun sticky notes - I love using different colours and shapes to add some sparkle to day!

4. Scented Markers - who says students get to have all the fun? These markers make anchor chart writing so much more enjoyable.

5. Reliable water bottle - teachers love to talk and we need to stay hydrated to avoid the 3pm candy machine "dinner".

6. Good quality binders - invest in good solid binders that are study and will not bend your lessons. I still use lots of paper because my school is not 1:1.

7.  Highlighters - I buy multi-colour packs so I can model different strategies or parts of a lesson in different colours.

8.  Metal stapler - The plastic ones always jam when I am stapling student work.

9. Coloured printer paper/card stock - my students love it when task cards or other lesson components are printed out on fun coloured paper.

10. Comfortable teacher bag - you will be carrying many items in this bag make sure it has LOTS of pockets, and fits nicely on your car seat.

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  1. I use a Land's End book bag as my teacher bag, and it's great . . . except when it confuses my air bag system in my car and makes it start beeping because it thinks I have a passenger. :)

    1. My school bag is also very heavy. I store it in the backseat now :)


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