English Language Arts Christmas Freebies

Welcome to Day 4 of the Literary League's 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop! We know that the holiday season is busy for both teachers and students. You want to make learning fun, yet still meaningful while attempting to channel some of your students' energy and excitement about the upcoming holidays and days off from school. Today you'll find two seasonal resources that will help you do just that.

From 2peasandadog: Christmas Writing Prompts
These Christmas themed interactive writing prompts get students up and moving during the warm up portion of your Writer's Workshop. Students use the 7 different story prompts to get thinking creatively about what might happen in each scenario. Students must move around the classroom to answer each other's story writing prompts. In this resource. I love building movement into my writing program. Students are more creative when they are allowed to brainstorm and share their ideas with others. I love to use these writing prompts the week that school is letting out for Christmas Break. The students are in full Christmas mode and are starting to like school work less and less. These writing prompts put the fun back into English class.

From The Classroom Sparrow: FREE Holiday/Christmas Essay Outline
Looking for an activity for your students to complete during the last few days before Christmas break? Look for further! This holiday edition essay outline will help to make sure your students stay on track while writing, and at the same time, give students an opportunity to write about their favorite holiday memories. This easy to follow step-by-step outline ensures students follow the proper steps while completing their essay. The last few days before the holiday break can be hectic, so keep your students on task with this print-and-go essay outline.

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