Autobiography Assignment Review

Authentic student writing ideas that will keep them engaged during English class.

Why Are Autobiographies An Engaging Writing Idea For Students?

1. Students are writing about a topic that they are familiar with. 

2. They can use primary sources to gain information (family, friends, video, photos).

3. They can use their own technology to integrate photos into their autobiography. 

4. They have an audience ready to read their book: family, friends, teachers, classmates. 

5. Many mentor texts can be used to teach this writing form depending on the interests of your students.

6. The students' autobiographies can be printed out in a variety of formats to be saved as a valuable keep sake for students to look back in their later years. 

This is very valuable way to teach personal narrative writing to older students. Do you need ideas on how to get student's started on personal narrative writing? Check out my product review of the Autobiography Writing Project from Kovescence of the Mind.

I am pairing up with Sarah from Kovescence of the Mind for a product swap. We swapped our products, used them and then are sharing our thoughts. Sarah reviewed my Classic Fiction Book Report and I am reviewing her Autobiography Writing Project.

Every month I assign a different genre for my students to read. Within that genre they must select a novel at their reading level to read to practise the reading strategies we work on during class time and for their monthly genre book report


In January my students will be working on selecting a biography of an influential person to read. Sarah's Autobiography Writing Project will be the perfect compliment to their Biography Book Report

This assignment encourages students to reflect on their lives thus far and select important moments to share. She structures the assignment with detailed guiding questions that students can use to help with their reflections and writing, as well extension ideas for students who need to an addition challenge. 

Student are asked to write about the following topics: Introduction, School Years, and The Future. They are also asked to created an attractive book cover, and jacket with a brief summary of their book. 

I was very happy that the assignment also included a grading rubrics to help with the assessment of this writing piece.  Thanks Sarah for sharing this great assignment with me. 

Check out the links below to view other great product reviews, and for a chance to win one these great assignments that you could use in your classroom.

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  1. How fun! And kids never get tired of writing about themselves. . . this looks like the perfect solution!

  2. I LOVE having students write "memoirs" as we read professional memoirs. I'll have to look into this :)

  3. My students really need structure so this sounds perfect!

  4. I am happy that you are feeling better. I hope these turn out well for you. Thank you for joining us.


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