Tis the Season Ideas from Secondary Teachers

Christmas Themed English Lesson for Middle and High School

Several great Language Arts bloggers have gotten together to share their ideas for making the holidays a part of your classroom this season.

Bring the Meaning of the Season To Your Classroom

I like to get my students involved in thinking about how they can help others this holiday season. See the list below of ways your class can make a difference this holiday season.

Classroom Ideas

  • Organize a food drive for the local food bank
  • Make holiday cards for senior citizens and drop them off if possible
  • Discuss the importance of volunteering time at an organization that is meaningful to them, and then help your students come up with a volunteering plan
  • Co-ordinate with your Music/Drama/Dance departments for an after school field trip to a senior's home where students can showcase their talents and learning from the semester 
  • Fundraise for a cause important to your school/community 

Christmas Themed English Lessons for Middle and High SchoolI also like to bring some holiday cheer into the classroom during the weeks leading up to holiday break. My students really enjoy these Christmas themed interactive writing prompts get students up and moving during the warm up portion of your Writer's Workshop. 
Free Christmas Writing PromptsStudents use the 7 different story prompts to get thinking creatively about what might happen in each scenario. Students must move around the classroom to answer each other's story writing prompts. I love building movement into my writing program, as I feel students are more creative when they are allowed to brainstorm and share their ideas with others.

If you need a longer writing assignment for December try this Christmas Writing Assignment. Students will select the role of one character: Santa's Elf, Christmas Turkey, Gingerbread man, Christmas Tree or Museum Curator and create a written product (brochure, postcards, infographic, etc) based on the character's specific writing prompt. By using this fun Christmas creative writing choice board assignment, teachers can combine covering the writing curriculum and enjoying the holiday season with their classes. Students are provided with 5 different Christmas themed writing options using the RAFT format (Role, Audience, Format, Topic).

Check out other fantastic ideas for celebrating the season with your classes, family and friends.

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  1. You've piqued my curiosity! I've never read "Christmas in the Trenches" and will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your picture book idea! I will have to check that one out. Thanks!

  3. I do agree that pictures with meaning make walls much more personal; I've owned my own photography business for about 8 years now, but I've always loved taking and collecting pictures. I hope Santa brings you some photography lessons!! It's my passion for sure! Thanks for joining us on the hop!

  4. Crossing fingers for your photography lessons! I'll bet you'll take some awesome pictures to put on the wall. Merry Christmas!


  5. Loved your tasks here Kristy - especially the Christmas themed writing prompts. How do students of different faiths replace the theme with one of holiday meaning to them? Great to share a hop with you! Ellen

    1. The writing prompts are very generic to Santa or winter. I teach in a public school so I ensure all my lessons are inclusive.


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