Celebrating Fall Holidays With Middle School Students

Ideas for celebrating Halloween, Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving in the middle school classroom.

When the fall holiday season arrives I like to change up my lessons to acknowledge the new season, and add some different activities to my lessons. My tip is to embrace the season, and all of it's holidays.

Select a Holiday Themed Curriculum Activities 

For Halloween in October, I like to work on a spooky themed reader's theatre. My students have enjoyed the reader's theatre version of Edgar Allan Poe's A Tell Tale Heart.  They like adding in different voices and sound effects.

For Thanksgiving in October/November, I like my students to participate in a Thanksgiving Drama Circle by Runde's Room. Students love this interactive and structured improv-like game that gets everyone participating and laughing together.

For Remembrance Day in November,  my students work on a choral reading of A Prayer for the 21st Century by John Marsden. First we read the poem out loud and analyse the meaning as a class. Then I break the class up into six different groups that each learn a different verse of the poem. We present with the class standing in six rows facing forward. It looks really dramatic, and adds some creativity into a traditional activity like choral reading. Check out this detailed blog post for more Remembrance Day lesson plans.

How do you adapt your teaching to embrace the fall season in your classroom?

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Ideas for celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day in the middle school classroom.

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