5 Reasons to Use Success Criteria in Your Classroom

Using co-created success criteria in your classroom will help your students take more ownership of their learning.

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I will be the first to admit when success criteria became popular, I did not understand why we needed this as we had rubrics. I kept saying "this is just fad it to shall pass." How naive I was!

Now, I actually really enjoy using a mixture of both teacher created success criteria and co-created success criteria (teacher/student brainstorm together) depending on the topic etc.

Here are five reasons why I use success criteria in my daily teaching practise.
  1. It gives students a sense of ownership and control over their learning and assessment if you co-create and use it to assess their work. 
  2. It clearly outlines the difference between an A and a B or Level 4 and 3. 
  3. It helps students understand an assignment and think through the expectations before they start to create something. I feel awful when students bring me an incorrect assignment because they have not read the assignment sheet, success criteria or rubric correctly.
  4. It is written in student and parent friendly language. No more teacher jargon filled rubrics (I still use rubrics, but in combination with success criteria or I make my success criteria into rubrics).
  5. Success criteria can be written up in a large format on chart paper, which makes it easy for students to read and reference during their assignment creation process. Could you image writing a rubric up on chart paper? My printing is just not that neat!
I usually find the student with the neatest printing to help write my anchor charts and success criteria. If you saw my penmanship you would ship me back to the pioneer days.

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