Back to School Freebies

Great free no prep items for the back to school season to support teachers in their classrooms.

Some teachers have already gone back to school while others will go back shortly. 
Here are some freebies to help with the transition back to school.

This product is a set of two different reward passes that can be used in conjunction with your classroom management program to encourage and praise good behaviour, work completion, attention to task completion etc. 

Get your students moving during the first day or week of school. This is an interactive way for students to get to know each other, plus get to know their teacher. Students move around the room looking for someone that meets the description in the bingo 

These graphic organizers will help guide your students during their reading times. 

A quick reference guide for integrating more technology into your classroom.

Help students remember your lessons, class videos or reading assignments with these no prep graphic organizers.

Try this fun way to prep your students for their math tests. 

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