WANTED: Middle School Bloggers

Here is a great places where you can find other middle school bloggers to provide daily inspiration or to network with. 

This blog hosts the Middle School Blog Log where you can get listed under your subject specific category or general middle school life. 


  1. I just started following 2peasandadog! I found you among many others over at the bloglovin middle school hop. I wanted to get my button added to the middle school blog log if possible! I am going to be 6th grade math this coming, but taught 6th grade science last year.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi Bagby! I will definately add you to the Middle School Blog Log. Please email me @ 2peasandadog at gmail dot com to remind me :) Thanks

  3. I just saw your status of Facebook. Is this where I ask you add me to the Middle School Blog Log? My blog is aimed at 6-12 teachers. http://teachitwrite.blogspot.com/
    If not, tell me where I do this, please.
    I've had your button and blog liston my site since I first started it.

    Thank you!
    Connie Casserly

  4. I have a middle school blog I started this summer! weirdiscoolinmiddleschool.blogspot.com. I teach 8th Grade US History. Loving every minute!

  5. I recently began a blog called "Middle School Historians" about teaching 8th grade U.S. History / Social Studies. It will cover everything from classroom setup, to classroom management, lesson plans, daily life, etc. Thanks for organizing this master list - very helpful!


  6. So thankful that there are other middle school blogs out there! I love the ideas and anchor charts of the elementary blogs, but most of the time I can't apply it in my classroom.

    I recently began www.jacksoninthemiddle.com. I'm a social studies teacher (World Cultures & US History), student council adviser, and I love using technology in the classroom.

  7. I started a blog this summer called "Making History in the Middle." I teach 8th grade U.S. History.



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