Calming the Chaos: End of Year Survival Tips for Teachers

This week, I began to notice the "end of school year" behaviours starting to emerge in my classroom. IT IS ONLY MAY!!! - I wanted to shout, but I didn't. Instead, I focused my energy on long term unit planning to keep my 8th graders on track for two more months. Ontario public schools finish the last week of June. 

To help all of us "Calm the Chaos" that might become of our classrooms over the next two months, here are my best tips for the end of the year. 

End of the Year Ideas for Primary Grades:
-read a book that ties into a movie, then watch the movie and compare
-have an ice cream sundae, Popsicle, Freeze party (if your school allows)
-outdoor read alouds (these were my favourite as a child)
-act out scenes from read alouds
-create a class signature page for each child where everyone writes something nice about that child
-have each student or in pairs/triads create a top ten list of things they loved about this year then compile the most popular ideas on to class anchor chart paper for display
-write a letter to a new friend about why they are glad they met them
-write a whole class letter to a future class and seal it in a time capsule with objects that represent the year - open it in September with your new class

End of the Year Ideas for Upper Grades:
-Have students self assess their learning skills
-Students can give the teacher a "report card" more information here
-Incorporate lots of hands on activities in Science, Math, Language Arts check out these websites: Forensics Who Dunnit?
-Use less paper and more time on individual white boards 
-Do more collaborative writing try out these two collaborative writing tasks:


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  1. Thanks for including me in this great blog hop. I think we all need to add a new trick or two to our repertoire at this point in the year to keep the kiddos engaged and learning!

  2. Happy to be a part of your blog hop Kristy! Lots of great ideas here!

    Science for Kids Blog

  3. Thanks so much for the great ideas! Just found your blog through the hop and have become a follower!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  4. Hi Kristy!
    I've discovered some wonderful blogs and found terrific freebies on the blog hop! Thank you for putting it together!

  5. Thanks for including me in the blog hop! This is such a terrific idea! Love all the freebies and ideas I am finding in this hop :-)

    Bergin's classroom

  6. Thank you for hosting and including me in this hop! I am having so much fun:)

  7. Kristy,

    Thanks for all your time, and hard work putting this Blog Hop together!

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

  8. Thank you for including me in the blog hop! I am finding some great ideas!!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  9. Thanks for hosting this blog hop and including me - it is exciting! Cheers,
    Mrs. Harris Teaches Science!

  10. Thank you so much for your ideas in this post! I really love your "teacher report card" idea and I will be using that soon. I am a first year middle school teacher and I had never experienced the end of year change in attitudes until now! I just wrote a post about some of the crazy behaviors that have sprung up in my class recently so it's nice to hear I'm not the only one. Thanks again for this great post!


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