Click Before You Pin

Pinterest is a great way to get inspired, share your own ideas and organize ideas by photos. However, you need to be careful about pinning things to your boards without clicking through to see if the pin is spam or not. 

Recently I saw this awesome pin about teacher fonts. I always "right click" and "open in a new tab" pins I am considering pinning. When I clicked through to the pin, I did not find a site with a link to "Awesome Teacher Fonts", I got a blog about Mood Disorders. 

I am happy that I clicked before I pinned something that might be spam.

A quick way to see if the pin might be spam is to look at the top right of the screen and see what website the pin has been pinned from. Another way is to look at the bottom left of the screen where is says "also from".

With anything on the web, user be aware! Are you a pin-a-holic? 

I definitely am ... see this blog post on how to manage the frenzy! 

Happy Pinning! Happy Tuesday.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog...especially the freebies you showcase. :) anyway...I have nominated you for the liebster award. To learn more about it....visit my blog.

  2. Love it, that's exactly what I do with pins! I have 5 other tabs open right now with pins waiting to be inspected before I decide if they're worthy of re-pinning. :)

    1. Thanks Anna Lynn. I always open pins in a new tab and check them quickly before I re-pin. When I first started I would just pin pin pin and then check later and realize I had pinned spam!

  3. YIKES! Guilty! I think I pinned your example pin. New motto- trust, but verify!
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Desktop Learning Adventures


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