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Teacher often spend their own money on school supplies and classroom resources. It is important that teachers seek out cheaper alternatives so they can save their money.

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As teachers we often spend a lot of our own money on school supplies and classroom resources. I love dollar stores. Every time I find a new one, or go to a new city I often stop in to see what treasures I can find. 

Teachers need to save their money, and check the dollar store first when they need something for their classroom. 

Ok, so maybe this is not the best kept secret, but it is a great store.  I would like to introduce you to Dollarama

Every time I go into this store I find something great for my classroom. I have purchased classroom library bins, books for my classroom library, stationary or prizes for activities. 

The thing that sets this store apart from others is how clean and organized it is.

What was your most recent purchase at a dollar store for your classroom? 

I would love to hear about where you like to shop for classroom items. 

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  1. I also love to hit up the dollar stores for my teaching supplies. I find that the less mainstream dollar stores (ie, dollar world plus) have more end of line products in addition to the products made for dollar stores. These items can be of higher quality or more unique and even if you have to pay a bit more, prices are still greatly reduced. But you have to shop smart--just because it's in a dollar store does NOT always mean its a bargin!

  2. I bought the same set of books!!! They will be perfect for my Grade 4's when they study Habitats. Dollarama is one of my definite go-to stores for classroom items.

  3. Dollarama is a great place to shop for just about anything. I recently bought bath mats there which retail at other stores for $20. I paid $2 and they do the exact same job. I also like their scrapbooking tape for $1. Haven't bought much for school recently, but probably will when I return from my mat leave.

  4. I enjoy shopping at Dollarama especailly as a new teacher. I bought bins, stickers, and small white boards for my classroom. I also shop at Value Village for books and board games.

  5. I shop at BMV in Toronto which is a used bookstore. I also go to the local library as they always have books on the shelf for sale.


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